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Almundy partners with global technology leader xiaomi for ‘almundy smart home’

Almundy Real Estate Properties signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Xiaomi, a global technology leader with the world’s largest Internet of Things (IoT) consumer platform, to launch ‘Almundy Smart Home’ – a new, next-generation product for customers to experience the latest smart home technology powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Almundy Real Estate new product will be launched in 2022 as an exclusive set of digitally-enabled residential developments, powered by Xiaomi and featuring a one-of-a-kind smart home experience with a comprehensive set of pre-installed smart home and IoT products. The MoU positions Almundy Real Estate as the first developer outside of China to enter into a strategic partnership with Xiaomi for a smart home experience.

The new agreement is aligned with Almundy Real Estate commitment to create communities that meet the demands of tomorrow’s customers. Almundy Real Estate selected Xiaomi as its strategic partner for its global leadership within the smart home technology sector. With over 213 million connected smart devices, Xiaomi has an award-winning, extensive range of smart home technologies across entertainment, utilities, energy savings, security and wellness. This partnership adds a new dimension to ALMUNDY’S diverse portfolio of products offering customers greater convenience and next generation living.

‘Almund Smart Home’ will provide customers with connected smart home experiences that are controlled and monitored through Xiaomi’s Mi Home app. The app, along with products that support smart voice assistant controls, allows users to instantly and seamlessly manage their personal smart home ecosystem. For example, Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Door Lock provides security and convenience through keyless entry into the home using smartphones, wearables, and passcodes. Within the home, the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum can be scheduled to provide daily handsfree cleaning. Xiaomi’s smart home solutions are designed for maximum convenience and energy efficiency, making it possible for every corner of the house to be powered by smart devices.

Commenting on the product launch, Chairman of Almundy Real Estate, said: “‘Almundy Smart Home’, is a testament to the commitment Almundy and Xiaomi share for creating advanced living experiences. Together, our partnership delivers a novel product never-before-seen in the region, offering connectivity, comfort and convenience for the customers of tomorrow, today. This is based on our collective understanding and insight into what customers will demand from us in the future.”

“One of Xiaomi’s core strategies focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT),” said Chew Shou Zi, Senior Vice President, President of International at Xiaomi. “With ALMUNDY as our partner, we are confident that we will showcase just how advanced the latest Xiaomi smart home products are. We believe this partnership brings together two of the world’s foremost industry leaders with shared digital ambition, customer-centricity, and focus on high product quality. We are excited to be launching our range of smart home products in the region with Almundy Real estate.”

Beginning with the UAE, ‘Almundy Smart Home’ will be made available across the Middle East and North Africa as part of an upcoming rollout plan. Further details about ‘Almundy Smart Home’ and launch plans will be available in due course.

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