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Almundy tells contractors to prepare for “new normal and new dawn.”

Almundy Real Estate holds the final session of special virtual conferences with key stakeholders.

The Chairman of Almundy Real Estate has told the UAE’s leading contractors that they must prepare for a new way of working as the economic activity gradually starts to pick up.

In the final of a special series of virtual conference calls with key stakeholders, He said: “None of us has faced anything like this before, and as we work together. I am confident that as a company and a country we will come out of this crisis. But we must now prepare for a new way of working. There is a new normal, a new dawn, that awaits us.”

He added: “Together, we must look closely at our systems, our productivity, our efficiencies, our technologies. This is the time for us to take stock not just of our great achievements in the past decade, but how we can continue to develop the UAE’s world class infrastructure, communities and cultures.”

The Chairman also committed to meeting with the contractors once every three months to review the on-going crisis, and to ensure their own stability. He explained: “You have grown with us on this incredible journey as true partners. Now is the time for us to protect you in any way we can, and make sure that both of us are in a strong position to benefit from the recovery that I am certain will come.

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